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Our Mission


Mission Statement


Our mission at Boston Acne Specialists is a deep commitment to

communicating with our clients and learning their goals, utilizing

technology  to serve their  needs,  and delivering natural looking

skin  care  results  which   meet  or  exceed  expectations  while

respecting their time and budget constraints.


Our  staff  of dedicated  acne treatment  physicians and licensed

skincare and  acne  specialists  have received  advanced training

in  the  treatment  of  acne, acne  scars and  pigmentation.  Our

medical director,  Dr. Edwin Ishoo, is  a published author of over

a dozen  peer-reviewed scientific articles and is frequently called

upon by his  colleagues for his experience on acne and acne scar

treatments. Dr. Ishoo has personally trained every acne skincare

specialist at our acne treatment centers.

















Safety & Client Satisfaction


Meeting our clients’ needs safely is always our highest priority. Within the comfortable environment of our facility, Boston Acne Specialists treatment facilities cater to our patients’ unique requirements for safety and desire for privacy. Directed by Dr. Edwin Ishoo, with the assistance of our staff of board certified physicians and skilled Acne Specialists, we are committed to providing excellence in office-based Acne treatments and Anti-aging for a broad range of skin types. Our board certified physicians have extensive backgrounds in Acne treatment and skin care going beyond traditional spa-level skin care as well as delivering personalized care not typically seen at the primary care or dermatologist offices. Under Dr. Ishoo’s careful guidance, our highly trained and exceptional acne specialists are acutely aware of the vital importance of client care, professionalism, skill, and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to acne care.


We are located in in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts with additional locations planned in the near future. Our office is designed for convenience, safety and privacy and offers our clients a high level of specialized support, evidence-based, effective treatments, and the best in skin rejuvenation and acne care.


Boston Acne Specialists provides expertise in the treatment of cystic acne and difficult acne scars and hyperpigemntation using the most advanced techniques and technologies available under the direction of Dr Edwin Ishoo, board certified surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery.
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