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About Us

The Boston Acne Specialists Team


Our  staff  of  dedicated  acne  treatment physicians and

licensed  skin  care  and  acne specialists  have received

advanced   training   in   the treatment of acne and acne

scars.  Boston   Acne   Specialists'  medical  director, Dr.

Edwin  Ishoo   has  treated  thousands   of  patients  for

variety  of   acne  and  complex acne scarring. Dr. Ishoo

is   an   extensively   published   author   of  many  peer

review   journals   and   continues  his  research  in  the

caused of acne as well as the most effective treatments.  

Dr. Ishoo personally trains every acne skincare provider

at Boston Acne Specialists Treatment Center. 




Your Dedicated Acne Treatment Team


Boston Acne Specialists is a specialized medical practice with the sole focus of treating patients with acne and acne scars. Whether it’s an occasional—but embarrassing—breakout or a persistent cystic problem, acne is not a condition that can successfully be treated by an esthetician in a salon, spa, studio or at home without medical supervision and guidance. When left in the hands of non-medical professionals, oftentimes more damage than good can be done. The goal of Boston Acne Specialists is to provide high quality, affordable health care to patients who suffer with active acne or residual marks from past acne occurrences. Many of our acne patients have tried countless over-the-counter and prescription medications, and have seen several estheticians, cosmetologists and doctors, all without success. The mission of the Boston Acne Specialists is to bring an evidence-based approach to the treatment of acne and acne scaring. Under the supervision of acne specialized physicians, Boston Acne Specialists is staffed by board certified physicians, physician assistants and licensed clinical estheticians to fully provide our patients with comprehensive care. From extractions and cortisone injections to cutting-edge lasers and fillers, Boston Acne Specialists uses a multi-pronged approach to treating acne and acne scars. The patients at Boston Acne Specialists receive a comprehensive and individualized plan tailored to their specific needs. Boston Acne Specialists is the first—and most important step—to acne-free skin in the greater Boston area.


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