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Medical Acne Extractions

When you  want  a quick fix for your acne, a  medical  extraction  is  the  way to go.   A  medical   facial   with   extractions   will immediately get rid of existing active acne lesions while preventing future flares from popping up.  When  you  have a big event or  need   clear   skin  ASAP,  booking   an appointment  for   a  medical   facial  with extractions  is  the  answer. Even  patients with the most porcelain skin are interested in clearing up  their  clogged  pores. We all have them; it’s just a matter of figuring out the   best  way  to  clear  them  out.  Many patients  actually  cause  more  harm  than good when they try to extract their clogged pores   by   themselves  in   the   bathroom mirror.  Our  Boston  Acne  Specialists   are skilled  estheticians  that  specialize  in  the treatment   of   acne.  They   can   perform medical grade facials that safely extract the comedones and clogged pores immediately.

Medical extractions vs. extractions at the spa for acne treatment


Boston Acne Specialists are often asked the question of how a medical extraction differs from a spa extraction for acne treatment. The answer is that our estheticians are all under the guidance of a dermatologist and will not use products that may exacerbate your acne breakouts. Many times, spas will use product that smell good but actually contain oils or other ingredients that could make you breakout. We also take great care to ensure that our environment is sterile. All of our instruments are meticulously cleansed and sterilized.


What to expect during a medial extraction


During a session of medical extractions, our licensed esthetician may steam your skin for a few minutes to open up your pores. The esthetician will then clean out your clogged pores, eliminating your comedones (whiteheads and blackheads) and decreasing the inflammatory acne lesions. Medical extractions are appropriate for most acne patients; they can be performed in conjunction with other in-office acne treatments and acne medications. Medical extractions are often combined with chemical peels, in order to achieve the most improvement. You may notice some redness of the treated area after your extractions, but you may apply makeup if desired. Most patients go back to work or social activities immediately following the treatment.


Do you recommend seeing a Boston Acne Specialists esthetician for medical extractions on a regular basis?


Yes, especially if you are prone to picking at or popping your own acne. So another question you might be thinking is what makes a “medical extraction” different than using your own two fingers to pop a zit, something we at Clear Clinic refer to as “bathroom surgery” and is a big no-no. There answer is: A lot. First, popping your own zits is never a good idea. It can lead to further breakouts, scars and irreparable damage. Plus, the chances of you being able to fully remove the blemish without medical tools is near zilch. A medical extraction session often includes a chemical peel, to fully get rid of those dead skin cells. Before this, the esthetician will use an acne extractor in a sterile environment to remove the whiteheads or blackheads. Estheticians use medical grade gloves and sterile instruments when performing this procedure to make sure no bacteria is spread.


Don’t Pick or Pop Your Pimple!


If you’re one of those types of people that is prone to picking or popping your pimples, cortisone injections are the perfect answer. Picking and popping acne leads to increased inflammation, which in turn means a greater risk of scarring. The increased inflammation can also mean a pimple that sticks around way longer than invited. Instead of picking, visit Boston Acne Specialists for a quick cortisone injection, which flattens acne in 24-48 hours.

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