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Getting Started


Stages of Care at Boston Acne Specialists:
  • Step One: The Consult. Our on-site physician meets with you                                                         to review your medical history and examine your skin and                                                       discuss your unique and specific needs and recommend                                                                 a course of treatment tailored to you, your skin, and your needs.

  • Step Two: Treatment. We employ a host of the latest                                                        scientifically proven technologies to work in concert. You                                                            receive the most advanced options, personalized for your skin,                                                     as a comprehensive treatment.

  • Step Three: Home Care. A point of pride for our staff is                                                          educating every client we work with so they understand the                                                         unique needs of their skin and body, how the available                                                           treatments and technologies work, and how to continue caring                                                      for their skin at home.

  • Step Four: Follow-up. Your treatment is just the beginning.                                                         With home care guidelines and routine follow-ups with your                                                     physician we continue to focus on the health and vibrance of                                                      your skin well after your visit.





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