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Infusion / Profusion Treatment


Profusion is a breakthrough skin therapy that enhances your other skin rejuvenation and acne treatments. We use it in tandem with Isolaz treatments to help deliver powerful ingredients that hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Profusion Skin Therapy:

* Overcomes challenges of topical application

* Is a novel, 15-minute, painless treatment

* Has been proven safe and effective on all skin types

* Is only available on the Isolaz Pro



How Profusion Skin Therapy Works


Profusion is  a painless,  transdermal substance delivery

therapy. It is used to  increase the  depth of penetration

and distribution of salicylic solution for acne or nutrients

and growth factors for dry, aging skin.


Absorption speed results when the vacuum of the Isolaz

laser stretches the skin. This results in separation of the

stratum corneum cells,  allowing  pathways  for material

penetration. When the vacuum is  released, the stratum

corneum  returns  to  normal  position  and  the  topical

solution  involved remains  deposited into the skin. One

treatment  a  week for four  weeks is  recommended for

optimum results.


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