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Pricing & Financing


At Boston Acne Specialists we offer extremely competitive

pricing. We do not accept insurance. In addition to cash and

checks we do accept, the following major credit cards: American Express,

Visa, Discover, and MasterCard giving you the ability to have the

treatment you want today!


Please contact our office at 888.380.3222 with any additional

questions or if you are ready to schedule your procedure. Our

entire staff is dedicated to providing you with excellent care and

service, and we are always available to help you in any way we can.



Let’s Get Real About Pricing & Costs


We understand that you are interested in the cost for services, procedures, and specific technologies. That is, in fact, one of the most frequent questions patients have — and it’s a big reason why cosmetic websites, magazine articles, and TV shows will offer price ranges or estimates. The problem is that, more than almost any other service, one size does not fit all in skin care and acne treatment as everyone’s extent and type of skin conditions are different.. All price ranges do is cloud the decision-making and cause confusion.


We approach things differently and treat you as the unique human being you are. To learn about cost we encourage you to schedule a consultation. Why? Because during that consultation we’ll discuss your goals, review options, and assess the unique challenges to clearing your skin. Only at that point can we can offer you a reasonable price estimate, as well as discuss financing and payment options. Additionally, our fees include the full cost of the treatment and follow-up care, so you’re not surprised by unexpected future costs.


During the consultation you’ll learn about the wide range of technologies and procedures available to help with your specific goals — probably some you didn’t know about or haven’t considered. So beyond just getting a price quote you’ll learn more and be able to make the right decision — one that’s informed and tailored to just you and one that is not motivated by maximum profit for the center or commission for the estheticians.


Call or Email us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.