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The materials on  this website  are for  informational  purposes only  and do  not  constitute the

giving of  medical  advice. Your  use of this  site does not create a patient-physician relationship

between  you  and  Boston Acne Specialists,  or  between  you  and Edwin Ishoo, M.D.,  or  with

associates  affiliated  with Boston Acne Specialists.  Because unsolicited confidential information

may  not be  subject to a patient-physician  relationship and may not be treated as confidential,

you should not send any unsolicited confidential information to us.


Boston Acne Specialists makes no  warranties that the information contained in this website is in

every  respect  accurate or  complete.  We are not  responsible for any errors or omissions or for

the  results  obtained  from  the  use  of  such  information.  The  science of medicine is an ever-

evolving field  and  information is constantly changing. The information contained in this website

is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Nothing on this site is intended to be used for or replace the advice of your personal doctor. A patient contemplating Acne or Acne scar treatment should base decisions on a number of factors, including a medical examination and personal consultation with the doctor – not solely on the general information obtained from libraries or websites. There is no substitute for consultation with a knowledgeable doctor.


This website and its contents do not represent or claim to provide the information needed for a patient to give his or her informed consent to any procedure. Individual results will vary and no guarantee is stated or implied by any photo use or any statement on this site. The information and resources provided in this site are not intended and must not be taken to be the rendering of medical advice or the practice of professional services in any jurisdiction.


Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices and other materials supplied on our forms page for additional notifications from the medical practice, and the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditionslinked in the footer of this site for more information about this website, what information we collect, and how we use that information. This website may contain links to other sites. Boston Acne Specialists makes no representations, guarantees or promises regarding these other sites, which are not controlled by or affiliated with us.



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