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Breaking Clear      

Breaking Acne Rules

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Reclaim your life, Breakthrough and Break Clear of acne.

Are you tired of wasting money and time on expensive creams and spa

treatments, ineffective and even dangerous pills, supplements, and

lifestyle advice that don't clear your acne? Maybe you've been dreaming

of the day when a miracle product will appear that'll actually work. In

the meantime, you've been frustrated by the ongoing battle with your

skin and having to revolve your life around unpredictable breakouts.

Breaking Clear: Breaking Acne Rules is a revolutionary book that will

reframe what pustular, inflamed-cystic acne is and propose a paradigm

shift in treatment of this most common skin disease in the world. What the skincare and medical industries don't tell you is that the chemical and pharmaceutical treatments are ineffective in clearing acne and may cause significant damage to the body. Acne is not a normal condition like aging but a disease caused by an opportunistic bacterial infection of the oil glands. Acne is not caused by dirt, diet, exercise or genetics. It is an encapsulated pustule, an abscess which is a surgical infection, like a tooth abscess, which must be opened, drained and disinfected. Lotions, potions, hope and prayers do not work on surgical infections. Why spend another second changing your whole life around for acne when you can have definitive surgical treatment and start a life of maintaining and enjoying clear skin.                                                     

Step by step, Dr. Ishoo explains his philosophy and treatment approach of cystic acne along with answering common questions, providing tips to clear acne and clears up confusion about common acne myths. Dr. Ishoo’s intensive, hands-on treatments are designed to force the skin to break out until the treatment breaks through and you break clear. There is no need to pollute your body to clear your skin.                                         


                                                                  Clear your acne, your mind will follow.


The concepts in this book will hopefully disrupt the status quo and cause a seismic paradigm shift from medical to surgical treatment of inflamed cystic acne.


Packed with the best strategies to defeat acne at its source, this essential guide includes:

  • Why conventional acne treatments (prescription medicines and topical products), rarely deliver long-term results and what works better and why)

  • Various mainstream acne treatments and the pros and cons of each of them (light-based, surgical, medications, chemical peels, products, etc.)

  • Why commercial skin care products and beauticians are not a safe alternative to mainstream dermatologist and can make acne worse and further damage the skin.

  • How foods, hormones and life style can modulate inflammation but do not cause acne.

  • Why acne cannot be cleared only by oral and topical medications and chemicals.

  • Why maintaining clear skin is much easier following intensive surgical clearing of acne on a healthy body as maintaining clear can only be achieved if starting from clear.

  • Why polluting the body to Clear the skin is a dangerous and ineffective approach to clearing acne.

  • Nutritional supplements will not help clear acne and are potentially toxic.

  • Why Sunscreen should be avoided by acne-burdened individuals

  • Why hormones, antibiotics and chemotherapy like Isotretinoin are not a good choice for treating typical acne and will cause more systemic injury to the body.  

  • Why acne scars should not be treated until active, cystic acne is cleared and maintained clear.                                                                             

Clear and healthy skin on a clean system is the foundation of Breaking Clear and maintaining clear and healthy skin long term. Breaking Clear delivers the logic, philosophy and common sense of why the intensive, surgical approach is the best option for clearing acne and avoiding toxic injury of drugs to the body as well as answering common questions, clearing confusion and providing tips for successfully maintaining clear skin without heavy reliance on over-the-counter products, supplements and prescription drugs and their unpleasant and dangerous side effects.

key highlights include:

  • Full coverage of all acne presentations, including acne vulgaris, acne rosacea and acne inversa (hidradenitis suppurativa)

  • An integrated view of how life-style, diet, hormones and genetics can worsen the acne presentation but do not cause acne.

  • Novel and definitive approaches to treatment

  • Medical, surgical, and dietary components of management, fully integrated

  • Highly practical focus on treatment and maintenance based on emerging pathogenic concepts.

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