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Why Us?







What is the secret behind achieving and

maintaining clear skin?   The answer to this

question is simple: Knowledge.


The foundation of our success is educating

our acne-afflicted patients to understand

the anatomic, physiologic and scientific

basis of both acne and what they’re doing

to their skin that may trigger or worsen

their acne, before we can successfully

manage this chronic condition for a

life-time of healthy and beautiful skin.


Dr. Edwin Ishoo has developed his comprehensive Acne-centric approach to skin care at Boston Acne Specialists after years of extensive experience treating hundreds of patients to clear difficult acne and maintaining youthful and healthy skin for life.


Acne-centric skin care approach is deeply rooted in the belief that all skin is “acne-prone” to some degree. As a result, our over all approach to skin care and skin rejuvenation is predicated on prevention and treatment of Acne. Our approach

is one of customization based on the knowledge

and awareness of each individual’s changing needs

and skin condition as they go through treatment as

well as life. The goal of an Acne-centric skin care

program is to maintain life long skin health and

youthfulness by accurate and timely diagnosis and

appropriate and effective intervention of skin

conditions encountered through patient education

and continuous staff training. This is a team

approach with the patient being the most critical

member of the team. That is why a great deal of

resources are employed by the staff at Boston Acne

Specialists to thoroughly educate each individual

about theirskin’s needs and empower them to take

ownership of their skin care. In addition to

highly trained and committed staff and extensive patient education resources, we provide the

latest state-of-the-art technology and products specifically designed to clear acne and maintain

a bright, smooth and youthful skin. Our single-minded commitment to the care of  acne-prone skin is unsurpassed in New England.



The keys to a great result are:


  • Informed and educated patient – regarding options, procedures and the process  

  • Realistic expectations

  • Full disclosure

  • Patient safety

  • Restoring Skin Health

  • A physician’s sense of the appropriate treatment for each patient

  • Well-trained and dedicated Acne Specialists.

  • Advanced technology and progressive techniques demonstrated by display of our own results.

  • Compliance with all peri-treatment instructions and adherence to post-treatment home care regimen.


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