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Clearing Acne, Acne Pigmentation and Acne Scars using intensive and advance
medical techniques, technologies, and products in the Greater Boston Area.

Licensed Acne Specialists in Boston MA

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The Boston Acne Specialists Difference


At Boston Acne Specialists, you will experience comprehensive acne care on a personalized level. Our physicians examine and design the treatment plan for every client. Our acne specialists take the time to work with you one on one to implement an acne treatment plan that is right for your skin type, lifestyle and budget. Our progressive acne treatment center boasts state of the art technology and the most effective acne fighting treatments and procedures. Our dedicated staff of doctor and trained acne specialists believe in a comprehensive and intensive approach to treating and preventing acne which includes guidance   on diet, lifestyle choices and step by step information on effective and manageable  at-home acne care. We are the Clear Choice when you get serious about getting clear.

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Introducing our new exclusive skincare products for maintenance of clear skin

Boston Acne Specialists

Don't Live With Acne Anymore

Welcome to Boston Acne Specialists---New England’s first dedicated acne treatment center. Under the supervision of board certified physician and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Edwin Ishoo, Boston Acne Specialists Treatment Center in greater Boston is focused on the treatment of acne, acne scars and discoloration. We are 100% committed to clearing your acne by proven, evidence-based treatments. If you live in the greater Boston area we recommend you come into our acne treatment centers to be evaluated in person. For Massachusetts acne sufferers who live out of the greater Boston area, we offer Boston Acne Specialists @Home, a combination of effective at-home, over the counter acne skincare products coupled with virtual consultations with one of our highly trained licensed Personal Acne Specialists.

Powerful Acne Scar Removal

Acne scar treatment

Intensive Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Are you tired of wasting money and time on expensive creams and spa treatments, ineffective and even dangerous pills, supplements, and life style advice that don't clear your acne? You've been frustrated by the ongoing battle with your skin and having to revolve your life around unpredictable breakouts. The concepts in this book will hopefully disrupt the status quo and cause a seismic paradigm shift from medical to surgical treatment of the most common skin disease in the world. What the skincare and medical industries don't tell you is that the chemical and pharmaceutical treatments are ineffective in clearing acne and may cause significant damage to the body. Acne is not a normal condition like aging but a disease caused by an opportunistic bacterial infection of the oil glands. Step by step, Dr. Ishoo explains his philosophy and treatment approach of cystic acne along with answering common questions, providing tips to clear acne and clears up confusion about common acne myths. Why spend another second stressing about changing your whole life around for acne when you can have definitive surgical treatment and start a life of maintaining and enjoying clear skin. Clear your acne, your mind will follow                                                                         

Packed with the best strategies to defeat acne at its source, this essential guide includes:                  o Why conventional acne treatments (prescription medicines and topical products), are toxic, rarely          deliver long-term results and what works better and why)                                                                         o Novel integrated medical, surgical, and dietary components of definitive acne treatment.                       o An integrated view of how life-style, diet, hormones and genetics can worsen the acne presentation       but do not cause acne.    

o Highly practical focus on treatment and maintenance based on emerging pathogenic concepts without heavy reliance on over-the-counter products, supplements and prescription drugs and their unpleasant and dangerous side effects.                                                                                                                     

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