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Developed from natural products with scientifically proven skin care benefits exclusively for Dr. Edwin Ishoo and ClearChoice Acne Specialists, the Boston Acne Specialists, to help maintain clear skin after completion of our intensive acne treatment series. 


Foaming cleansers have increased in popularity due to their wide range of benefits for all skin types.ClearChoice Acne WoRx Foam Fresh AHA Foaming Cleanser dispenses just the right balance of chemically exfoliating actives to gently cleanse the skin while removing dirt, makeup, and oil.

The AHA Foaming Cleanser consists of 10% Glycolic Acid to gradually exfoliate skin. A complex blend of citrus and botanical extracts are infused into the cleanser to the sooth the skin and promote a healthy moisture level. 

Clear as Day - Spot Treatment / BLEMEX DRYING LOTION

Problem skin can affect anyone. Even people well past their teens and into adulthood, have to deal with the occurrence of pimples and outbreaks.

ClearChoice Acne WoRx spot treatment Lotion is a specific spot treatment designed to dry out the affected areas, reduce swelling and dissolve the dirt and oils that contribute to problem spots while you sleep.

Sulfur, Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide are the three ingredients selected for their ability to extract the negative components from the effected area and efficiently dry out the skin environment. These resourceful ingredients all contribute in a unique manner to the skin soothing, and spot desiccation required for this powerful bedtime treatment.

A quick nightly application can yield magnificent results while you sleep, as your body goes to rest and the treatment works its magic. You’ll wake up the next day with troublesome pimples either gone, or well on their way out. 


Aside from sunburn, the sun can dry and crack your skin in the blink of an eye. To keep your skin well hydrated and sunburn at bay, we’ve crafted one convenient solution.

ClearChoice Acne WoRx Skin Soak & Screen Day Intense Moisture Cream SPF30 provides a daily dose of much needed skin moisturization with a SPF30 sun protection bonus.

Its high quality emollient ingredients provide exceptional hydration benefits while Octyl Methoxycinnamate and Zinc Oxide help beat back the sun.

Simply apply this cream as you would any other moisturizer and you’ve gained that SPF perk before you’ve even stepped foot out the door. Apply frequently while under the sun, and you’re maintaining elevated levels of hydration for a healthier, more youthful appearance. 


After a good face wash, closing the pores with an astringent toner can dramatically improve and protect the skin. This is especially advisable for anyone with problematic or oily skin, as it helps constrict skin pores, reducing the amount of oils and buildup that may occur throughout the day.

ClearChoice Acne WoRx Herbal Harmony’ Herbal Astringent Toner is a pore- shrinking specialty; expertly crafted with a blend of astringent Herbal Extracts, along with the well know Witch-Hazel Extract.

This combination of the astringent quality’s of a toner and the specific actives selected to achieve such qualities, set Cosmetic Solution’s Herbal Astringent Toner as the most relevant and useful toner, whenever tighter skin and problematic skin isconcerned. 


As we age, our body’s natural ability to battle the elements and constantly repair itself is slowed down and hindered, resulting in dry and damaged skin.

ClearChoice Acne WoRx Rich Repairing Night Cream is the added boost you’ll need to counter that aging process and restore your skin back to its youthful shimmer.

This invigorating product will repair dry, flaky and damaged skin, leaving you with a silky smooth and healthy condition. Simply apply the cream at night and awake with radiant, refreshed and revitalized skin in the morning. 


If clogged pores, excess oil and buildup are leaving you unhappy with your complexion, give your skin a treatment that will leave it refreshed and new.

For skin that needs a deep cleansing, ClearChoice Acne WoRx Soothing Sulfur Therapeutic Zinc & Sulfur Mask uses a clay- based formula that draws out impurities from deep within the skin that your daily cleanser may not be reaching. It purifies, repairs damage, and restores the natural barrier to lock in moisture.

Don’t let problem skin stand in the way of you and your most confident self. Our Therapeutic Zinc & Sulfur Mask was specifically formulated with actives that target even the most troublesome blemishes and oily areas and actives leaving the user with a calming, therapeutic experience while treating the skin. 

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