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Common Skin Care Mistakes

Does it feel like you’re doing everything you can to help clear your skin of acne, yet you’re still breaking out? Sometimes our so-called healthy habits can actually lead to acne breakouts. As frustrating as this sounds, you can nip your unhealthy routines in the bud and get on the road to clear skin right now. Here are some of the most common skin mistakes people with acne make:

Skin Mistake #1: You’re sharing your makeup brushes

If you’re the sharing type, you should know that it’s not doing anything positive for your skin. Makeup brushes can trap the kind of bacteria that leads to acne. In addition to instituting a no-sharing policy, you should also be cleansing your makeup brushes on a daily basis with a gentle shampoo. Best way to dry them is to lay them flat on a towel and let them air-dry. And speaking of makeup, the #2 skin mistake you might be making is…

Skin Mistake #2: You’re wearing the wrong makeup Take a peek in your beauty closet. What does your foundation bottle say? Give a close read to the ingredients listed on the bottle. You want to watch out for any potentially pore-clogging ingredients, such as petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, or dimethicone. Mineral makeup is typically a safe bet as are products that specifically say “non-comedogenic” on the label. Now that you’re wearing the right makeup, watch out for the next pitfall you could be making.

Skin Mistake #3: You’re not washing your makeup off properly We know how hard it can be to muster enough energy to wash your face at night, but if you want clear, acne-free skin it must be done! When cleansing, make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser that’s not stripping your skin of important oils. If your skin becomes too dry, then it could create rebound oil, which leads to, you guessed it, acne! After cleansing, do the towel test. Take a damp washcloth (preferably a light color) and wipe your face. If no makeup is left behind, then you’re all clear.

Skin Mistake #4: Not using your cell phone ear buds You may not always remember to use your ear buds while on your smart phone, but you should. Many people who get acne breakouts on their cheeks and chins can thank the bacteria found on their phones. In addition to using ear buds, you should make a habit of wiping your cell phone down every week with an alcohol-based wipe to kill bacteria.

Skin Mistake #5: Not wearing sunscreen You might think that letting the sun on your skin will help clear up your complexion. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sun damage can not only create dark spots on areas that have blemishes, it can also rob your skin of essential oils that make it healthy. Choose a mineral-based sunscreen, as chemical sunscreens may irritate already inflamed skin.

Skin Mistake #6: Not going to Medical Acne Specialists At the first sign of an acne breakout, your first phone call should be to the medical professionals at the Boston Acne Specialists. Trusting a medical acne specialist with your skin is the smartest thing you can do. Our doctors will help you select the home care regimen right for you as well as treat your skin with in-office acne treatments, such as Isolaz, PDT, blue light therapy and laser treatments.

Skin Mistake #7: Not sticking to a skincare regimen Once you get an acne skincare regimen (hopefully recommended by a dermatologist), it will take 6-8 weeks for you to really notice any results. A common mistake acne sufferers make is quitting their skincare plan too soon.

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