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4 Common Acne Myths

You want healthy, clear skin that is free of acne blemishes. You're certainly not alone in that! Millions of other people across the globe share your same desire to bust acne for good. This is why you will hear so many different tips and tricks for doing so. With so much information out there, from YouTube videos to a friend's suggestion, it is important to realize when a piece of advice isn't correct. Let's banish these acne myths!

Myth #1 Frequently washing of your face prevents breakouts

If your skin has dirt and oil clogging it, the best thing to do would be to clean it as often as possible...right? This line of thinking does make sense, but science tells us that it isn't true. Washing your face multiple times a day is not recommended. Actually, washing too often will most likely just irritate and dehydrate your skin and then force the oil glands to produce more oil resulting in feeding the bacteria more. You see, acne is a bacterial infection of the oil glands in your skin. A stable oil layer is crucial to maintaining a normal skin pH and microbiome. The detergents in harsh cleansers strip away the oil and change the skin’s pH, causing the skin to be forced into a hyper oil production and worsening of inflamed cystic acne eruptions.

Myth #2 Acne is caused by dirt

This leads us to our next myth. Contrary to common belief, acne formation has nothing to do with dirt and oil on the surface of the skin. As we mentioned in Myth 1, acne starts with infection of the skin’s oil glands by a variant strain of P. acnes bacteria which is opportunistic and virulent. No one is actually “acne-prone” and no product or detergent can clear the infection inside the oil gland. This is because an inflamed cystic acne eruption is an abscess and therefore it is a surgical infection that can only be cleared by opening, cleaning, and disinfecting the cyst. It is just like what a dentist does when clearing a tooth infection.

Myth #3 Acne is caused by eating greasy foods

While eating french fries and other fast food can make acne worse, no food “causes” acne. If it were the direct cause, everyone who ate a diet high in sugar and lots of fast food would have acne! Certain pro-inflammatory foods, such as those with a high glycemic index, increase the general inflammation of the body and heighten all inflammatory responses. That being said, they do not cause the underlying disease and justify restrictive lifestyle changes. Just the same, severe dietary restrictions do not clear the acne infection, only mitigate the inflammation and are not sustainable or healthy in the long run.

Myth #4 You just have to let acne run its course

You don't have to just deal with it and wait it out! The truth is that some people never grow out of their acne. It can cause permanent damage to your skin, even if it does eventually go away on its own. When acne can be managed with the right treatment at the Boston Acne Specialists, why take the chance?

Take your life back! Our culture rewards healthy, attractive people. Studies have actually shown that people with acne get lower paying jobs and are overlooked for promotions. This doesn't have to be your life. Those in our area can rely on Boston Acne Specialists for help achieving clean, clear skin. Our website makes it easy to book an appointment in our office or opt for a virtual appointment for acne instead. The choice is yours!


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